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Dismantling thin-walled bearings without damaging the parts

Technicians share the method of dismantling thin-walled bearings without damaging the parts

1. Disassembly of the inner/outer ring

Disassemble the outer ring of interference fit, set several outer ring extrusion screw with screws on the circumference of the shell beforehand, tighten the screw equally on one side, while disassembling.

These screw holes are usually covered with blind plugs, tapered roller bearings, etc. of the separate type of bearing, set up a few cuts in the shoulder of the shell, use the pad, use the press to disassemble, or quietly knocking on the disassembly.

2. Dismantling of cylindrical bore bearings

Use a press for simplicity. At this point, pay attention to let the inner ring bear its pulling force. The inner ring of a high temperature bearing is dismantled using the oil pressure method. The oil pressure is applied through the oil holes set in the shaft to make it easy to pull out. The inner ring of NU and NJ type cylindrical roller bearings can be dismantled using induction heating. In a short period of time, the heating part, so that the inner ring shrinkage and then pulling method.

3. Dismantling of tapered bore bearings

Disassembly of relatively small with tight set bearings, with fastening on the shaft block support inner ring, the nut will be turned back several times, the use of the pad with a hammer to knock disassembly. Large bearings, the application of oil pressure dismantling easier, in the tapered hole on the shaft in the oil hole with pressure to send oil, so that the inner ring shrinkage dismantling bearing method. Operation, there is a risk of bearing suddenly out, it is better to use the nut as a block for good.

4. Strike off method

Knock off is a simple, common dismantling method. It is a dismantling method that uses the force of hammering to dislodge parts from each other to achieve the purpose of dismantling.

The common tools used for dismantling are the hand hammer, i.e. the common pincer hand hammer, the punch and the pad. The punch is made of steel, the top of the hammer is processed into a sphere, so that the end in contact with the workpiece is usually set with soft metal, such as copper, aluminium, etc., and made flat or suitable for the shape of the workpiece, in order to maintain the appearance of the workpiece is not damaged.

When hitting the unloading, should be based on different parts structure to take different methods and steps.

Sliding bearing bush and rolling bearing jacket in the hole are interference fit, from the hole to remove them, also commonly used to hit the unloading method. When hit unloading, the bushing is hammered end face should be pad on the pad block. Hit the unloading small diameter of the bushing, better use step punch, punch the small diameter of the bushing with the inner hole, punch the large diameter than the outer diameter of the bushing is about 0.5mm small.

For the dismantling of large diameter bushings and rolling bearings, bushings are mostly used. For the dismantling of common small bearing covers, the bearing cover is often turned over by symmetrically punching in the diagonal pad.

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