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  • Introduction to the maintenance of thin-walled bearings with equal cross-section

    Equal section is a kind of thin-walled bearing, it has the advantages of high precision, strong bearing capacity, etc., in many modern industrial equipment are used, but in the process of use, there will inevitably be some loss, in order to reduce these losses, improve the service life of the bearing, the need for frequent maintenance of equal section thin-walled bearings...

  • Introduction to the high temperature resistance of thin-walled bearings

    One of the more common questions about bearings is whether they can be used as high temperature bearings? If so, how many degrees of high temperature can different bearings withstand? For this problem, only to ensure that the bearing material can not only withstand high temperature...

  • How to ensure reliable operation of thin-walled bearings

    In order to give full play to the role of thin-walled bearings and to maintain their proper performance over the long term, regular maintenance (periodic inspection) must be carried out. Through proper regular inspection, early detection of faults, prevention of problems before they occur, to improve productivity and economy is very important. The correct mounting of bearings affects accuracy...

  • Dismantling thin-walled bearings without damaging the parts

    Disassemble the outer ring of interference fit, set several outer ring extrusion screw with screws on the circumference of the shell beforehand, tighten the screw equally on one side, while disassembling.These screw holes are usually covered with blind plugs, tapered roller bearings, etc. of the separate type of bearing, set up a few cuts in the shoulder of the shell....

  • Factors to consider when selecting robot bearings

    In recent years, with the rapid development of China's technology, many industries have the original manual manufacturing to machinery manufacturing transformation, industrial robots are playing an important role in this, bearings as an important key components of industrial robots...

  • Causes of fracture of thin-walled bearing cages of equal cross-section

    The cage in the rolling bearing plays a role in equidistant isolation of the rolling body and prevents the rolling body from falling, guiding and driving the rolling body to rotate. Generally speaking, under reasonable working conditions...


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