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Introduction to the high temperature resistance of thin-walled bearings

One of the more common questions about bearings is whether they can be used as high temperature bearings? If so, how many degrees of high temperature can different bearings withstand? For this problem, only to ensure that the bearing material can not only withstand high temperature, but also the bearing itself should have good mechanical properties, in order to be considered a suitable high-temperature bearings, we look at, bearing high-temperature resistance and noise reasons for the introduction.

A, the bearing's ability to withstand high temperatures

Different materials of bearings, as far as individual materials are concerned, what is their high temperature resistance? Here, we are talking about the mechanical properties that the bearings themselves should have. The core is about the speed, load and stability of movement that the bearings need to withstand during operation.

Bearings are an important component of modern mechanical equipment. Their main role is to support mechanical rotating bodies, reduce the coefficient of friction during their movement and ensure their accuracy.

To address the mechanical properties of bearings in high temperature environments, we need to know the percentage of carbon content in the material.

Bearing no matter which material, can not be used as high temperature bearings, and if the temperature exceeds 120 degrees, please choose the right high temperature bearing manufacturers, and the right high temperature bearings, because in terms of procurement safety may cause great damage to your business, machinery and related staff.

Second, the bearing noise reason introduction

Bearing as the main operation of large machinery and equipment parts, in the use of the process, the use of their own performance will directly affect the use of machinery and equipment, so many people use the bearing process, will hear some noise, it may be the consequences of our daily without serious maintenance, of course, also bearing noise occurs for a reason.

1, bearing mixed with sand or carbon particles and other impurities, play the role of abrasive.

2, bearing and water, acid or paint and other dirt mixed, play a corrosive role.

3, bearing clearance is too small (improper selection).

4The choice of lubricant or grease is wrong.

5Insufficient lubrication (oil level is too low, oil or fat leaks through the seal).

The bearing is a kind of bearing that can run smoothly inside the liquid. It has a long service life compared with ordinary bearings, and is more durable stainless steel deep groove ball bearing.

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