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Introduction to the maintenance of thin-walled bearings with equal cross-section

Equal section is a kind of thin-walled bearing, it has the advantages of high precision, strong bearing capacity, etc., in many modern industrial equipment are used, but in the process of use, there will inevitably be some loss, in order to reduce these losses, improve the service life of the bearing, the need for frequent maintenance of equal section thin-walled bearings. The following is to introduce you to the maintenance of thin-walled bearings of equal cross-section what are the methods.


First of all, the bearing cleaning, the bearing will be placed in the gasoline cleaning, will be equal cross-section thin-walled bearing surface sludge and dust please wipe away, if the bearing rust, to use metallurgical sandpaper will be wiped polishing, until the bearing surface with hand touch no rough feeling.

Cleaning the bearing is generally divided into two steps, are coarse cleaning and fine cleaning. In the coarse cleaning to first remove the bearing into the container, the use of metal mesh as the bottom, so that the removal of the bearing does not directly contact the outside of the dirty things, and then use the brush on the bearing surface grease and dust, sludge and other adhesives to remove, but also need to pay attention to the thin section of the bearing surface of the dirty things do not damage pollution to the bearing rolling surface, the above are cleaned up can be Fine cleaning can be carried out.

In the fine cleaning, to first put the bearing into the cleaning oil, constantly rotate, and constantly on the bearing for careful cleaning, and at the same time pay attention to the cleaning oil when cleaning to keep clean and clean.


After the cleaning is completed, use a dry rag to wipe the bearing dry, and then put it into the anti-rust oil for soaking, keep the bearing in contact with the anti-rust oil during the soaking process, and keep rotating the bearing, so that the anti-rust oil can form a layer of oil film covering the surface of the bearing to achieve the purpose of anti-rust.


After the completion of rust prevention, use anti-rust oil, butter and other substances evenly coated on the surface of the bearing, to the inner and outer ring of the bearing, steel ball and cage are coated to, in the coating to turn the bearing while coating, to ensure that the anti-rust oil fully into the internal bearing, play a role in the bearing lubrication.


When storing thin section bearings, try to store them in an environment with humidity below 65% and temperature around 20 degrees, store them on a shelf above 30cm, and try to avoid direct sunlight and cold walls.

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