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Industrial robots


Industrial robots are multi-joint manipulators or multi-degree-of-freedom machine devices for industry that perform work automatically, a machine that relies on its own power and control capabilities to perform a variety of functions, which can be directed by humans or run according to pre-programmed programmes, and modern industrial robots can also act according to a program of principles developed by artificial intelligence technology.

Modern designs rely on compact designs, light weight and miniaturisation. Thin-walled bearings are an ideal choice. Each series of thin-walled bearings is based on a single cross-section that remains constant even if the diameter increases, and this design allows a hollow shaft to be used instead of a solid one. The interior of the hollow shaft provides space for components such as air or hydraulic lines, pneumatic lines, electrical wiring, etc. In a large number of applications, two bearings can be replaced by a single four-point contact thin-walled ball bearing, resulting in a more compact design, simpler mounting and, in turn, lower costs!

The use of thin-walled bearings with equal cross-section saves space, reduces weight, significantly reduces friction and provides good rotational accuracy. Making lighter and smaller hosts possible, most ball bearing designs increase in width and thickness accordingly as the diameter increases, thin-walled bearings are designed to remain constant in cross-section as the diameter increases, which reduces the total cost in a system and improves design efficiency in profile far beyond that of standard bearings.

With the manufacturing industry's growing demand for precision, refinement, stability and resolution of products, industrial automation has become a future trend. At the same time, in the current situation of rising labour costs and labour shortage in the global market, a large number of industries are replacing manpower with robots to complete production operations step by step, in which high-performance bearings play an indispensable role.

We have accumulated a wealth of experience in bearings for robots, helping enterprises to upgrade and transform to automation, digitalisation and intelligence.

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