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In this highly automated, high-technology industry, the combination of light weight, small dimensions and extremely high precision capabilities has made thin section bearings a popular choice in almost all semiconductor manufacturing processes, from wafer probes to positioners and pick-and-place robots to vacuum deposition systems - wherever precision equipment needs to move or rotate, we offer engineered thin section bearing solutions that meet the needs of these applications.

The portfolio of thin section bearings for semiconductor manufacturing is available off-the-shelf or fully customised to maximise performance and reduce friction, contamination, corrosion, outgassing and wear in semiconductor manufacturing operations. In some specialised semiconductor manufacturing applications, hybrid bearings provide improved torque characteristics and also extend bearing service in edge-lubricated applications, thin section bearings are the ideal solution for applications where space is tight and weight reduction is The ideal solution for high speed, smooth torque applications where weight reduction is important. If required, the bearings can have a common raceway where both bearing paths are ground and runout together at the same time, a design that helps to eliminate any potential additional torque that may be caused by variations in axial runout.

A key design advantage of thin-walled bearings for semiconductor manufacturing applications is that seals can be specified for the bearings without the need for the additional space required.

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